growAbility is a social enterprise which started as an educational venture with SuniTAFE three years ago. We began with a handful of students enrolled in a modified Certificate II in Horticulture program and to date have expanded to add two more working groups as well as our magnificent sales area and ‘show garden’ located at Aroundagain.

Working collaboratively with Aroundagain and SuniTAFE and utilising their existing resources and infrastructure the GrowAbiilty team are able to follow the horticultural process from beginning to end. Students are able to use the skills and knowledge they have gained in class and apply them in a practical and commercial setting and gain valuable work skills and experience. All plants have been propagated, from cuttings or seed, and grown by the GrowAbility team.

Following the motto of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ the GrowAbility site was constructed from donated items and materials salvaged from Aroundagain’s yard and put to good use by some very talented staff. The show garden and sales area puts us in touch with our customers and enables us to showcase what we are capable of and the sorts of plants that are available for sale.

As this social enterprise grows so does our scope to employ more people living with a disability.

We look forward to meeting you soon, you can’t miss us!