Shop & Sales Yard

About The Shop & Sales Yard

This is our “bread and butter” and the largest part of our business! Receival and Sales of goods donated by the general public too good to throw away.

  • Whether you’re trying to save money,
  • Simply favour unique pieces that people have no use for any more.

All are great reasons to visit us.

  • We have a massive yard.
  • A large shed to display all the various items we receive.

It is an absolute treasure chest of all things that you can possibly need or want.

Quality recycled clothing/second hand garments

Looking for quality recycled/second hand clothing. We have a range of Women’s, Men’s or Kids clothing including items such as t-shirts, dresses, shorts and jeans and much much more.

We jokingly say that “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it!”

About The Good Room

As we saw a need for a place to put all the “special” items we receive, whether it be new, old or quirky, The Good Room was started in late 2007.

The Good Room has been a tremendous success for both customers, and for people donating their special items. They can see that they will be well looked after and valued, ready for the next person to purchase and treasure.

We pre-sort items in the Receival Station and take these to the back of the Good Room.

Every Wednesday morning we have dedicated volunteers, come in and sort items and decide what goes into the Good Room and what can go out into the shop.

It pays to come in on a regular basis as “things come and go” fairly quickly! The best time is probably on Wednesday after lunch when we re-open the Good Room after restocking.

You will be amazed how much good “stuff” is here!