Receivals & Sales

Where Donated Goods Go…

At Aroundagain we appreciate receiving a broad array of donated goods from the general public or businesses that are too good to throw away.

  • Whether you’re trying to save money,
  • Simply favour unique pieces that people have no use for any more.

All are great reasons to visit us.

  • We have a massive yard.
  • A large shed to display all the various items we receive.

It is an absolute treasure chest of all things that you can possibly need or want.

It pays to come in on a regular basis as “things come and go” fairly quickly! 

Builders Yard

The yard is a great place to rummage and let your imagination go wild as you search for the right item to repurpose or reuse in a project. We accept surplus supplies from builders which you can then buy.


Electrical goods received by Aroundagain are tested to ensure that they are safe and operational. Any faulty items are dismantled into components by our supported employees:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Computer hard drives
  • Copper
  • Electrical cables
  • Aluminium
  • Circuit boards

We dismantle approximately 11,000 electrical items annually. All these components are sold to various companies with the income being returned to Aroundagain.

About the Receival Station

The general public or businesses bring in all their unwanted items and donate these to Aroundagain at the Receival Station.
We accept most items as long as they are in good condition and are able to be sold! For a list of items that we Take and Do Not Take please see below:

Download Item List

All items are sorted and then transferred to the various areas of Aroundagain: Shop, Yard, E-waste, Recycling or other areas as required.

The Receival Station is operates on every day when the Council Landfill is open. It is always staffed by a supported employee and support person.

The Receival Station was developed by the Mildura Rural City Council during 2005 and officially opened in January 2006.

Recycling of materials

Throughout the year we accumulate a lot of recyclable items as part of our sorting process at Receival Station. These items include copper, brass, cast iron and batteries. These are all sold to a metal recycling company, with the income going to Aroundagain.

Pegs for surveyors

We are the premium supplier of painted surveyor pegs in the region. Supported employees keep the stock of painted pegs up so they are ready for purchase by many of the local surveyors.



We regularly have technical and computer savvy team members who come at Aroundagain. They rebuild computers and these are sold in our shop.

The hard drives are wiped (to Australian Standard) and cleaned prior to the installation of an operating system. The systems are sold complete with screen, keyboard and mouse.