Supported Employment and Volunteers

Supporting People

The Department of Social Services provides funding under the Disability Services Act 1986 to Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) to provide supported employment assistance for people with disability. Aroundagain provides real and meaningful employment for people with a disability. We currently employ a number of supported employees, who work between two and five days per week over the span of seven days, depending on their availability and skills.


Depending on need and availability, volunteers can be engaged over a 7 day week. We highly value our volunteer contribution and support them through induction providing information about the broader Christie Centre organisation. We keep a tally of hours worked which when converted to a dollar value is astounding. In 2016 our volunteer hours equated to over 5055 hours. Interested in volunteering at Aroundagain? • Talk to other volunteers • Talk to the Manager • Meet with a representative of the Christie Centre to complete start up forms and for an overview of the organisation.